Investment Options

Tailor-Made, Time-Tested.

Client portfolios are designed by our expert team to meet the needs of each individual client.

A client's portfolio is developed after carefully selecting the appropriate securities to create and implement an asset mix that reflects the client's investment objectives and risk tolerance. Through consistent monitoring and rebalancing, clients benefit from a high degree of portfolio customization that meets personal investment and cash flow objectives.

A portfolio may consist of direct investments in stocks, bonds and other securities or it may make use of any of our four proprietary pooled funds.  While the investment process is consistent whether a client holds individual securities or the pooled funds, clients gravitate to each product for differing reasons.

Determining whether a client's portfolio is managed separately or through the pooled funds is a factor of both the size of the asset base and the needs of the client. The pooled fund investments provide a client instant portfolio diversification and appropriate exposure to opportunities in the market. Other attributes include the ability to acquire or sell units as easily as clients may require.  A separately managed account allows more specific tailoring of the holdings to the client's unique concerns as well as to address individual income tax considerations.

It’s a personalized approach that Morgan Meighen has perfected and one of the most compelling reasons you can count on us.

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