Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions that come our way.

Why choose Morgan Meighen & Associates to manage my investments?
We have been prudently managing assets for our clients for over 60 years, consistently achieving solid results in a diverse and ever-changing marketplace. Our investment process utilizes a combination of top-down analysis to identify areas of opportunity by geographic region and industry sector and bottom-up, fundamental analysis to identify individual securities.

We are research driven and as an independent investment manager, we conduct our own rigorous analysis of companies. Our internal research capabilities are complemented by reports and studies compiled by financial research firms from around the world.

We offer a portfolio management team that brings many years' of investment management experience across all asset categories and geographic regions. Each of our portfolio managers has a long and proven track record, and each brings a unique perspective to our investment team.

How does Morgan Meighen determine the appropriate investments for my portfolio?
The team seeks out exceptional investment opportunities in Canada and abroad, relying on top-down economic overviews and rigorous bottom-up fundamental analysis to ensure we are investing in the right companies in the right places at the right time.

Our portfolio managers continuously monitor overall market conditions - top-down analysis - for developments that may have an impact on your investments. The team conducts and reviews research from markets around the world, analyzing factors affecting various industries and companies in Canada, the United States and international markets.

As for individual security selection, the team looks at companies in exhaustive detail before investing. We limit the number of securities we hold so that we can effectively monitor the performance of these investments, responding to any change from expectations in a timely manner.

Which investment option is right for me?
At Morgan Meighen & Associates, portfolios are managed through the pooled funds or through a separately managed account.  While the investment processes of both types of accounts are comparable, clients gravitate to each product for differing reasons.

Determining whether a client's portfolio is managed separately or through the pooled funds is a factor of both the size of the asset base and the needs for the client. The pooled fund investments provide a client instant portfolio diversification and appropriate exposure to opportunities in the market. Other attributes include the ability to acquire or sell units as easily as clients may require. A client may also seek to concentrate his/her investments in an area of special interest, such as in the Morgan Meighen Income or Global Pooled Funds. The pooled funds have a low portfolio management fee of 1% fee per annum and pay certain other operating expenses. As a comparison to most retail mutual funds with costs of 2-4%, our pooled funds represent exceptional value that contributes to leading returns over time.

Separately managed accounts generally start at $1,000,000 in assets and consist of customized, segregated portfolios of stocks, bonds and other vehicles as determined by the client objectives. A portfolio of this size allows meaningful positions to be accumulated while also providing adequate diversification. The fees for separately managed accounts begin at 1.25% and decline as the size of the portfolio increases.

Who will manage my portfolio?
The Morgan Meighen & Associates investment team consists of highly trained and experienced investment professionals, and one of our senior investment managers will take full management responsibility for the portfolio.

Your portfolio manager will be the primary source of contact with our firm, and over time you will get to know some of the many people who work on and support your account. We put a great deal of emphasis on the quality of the service we deliver to our clients and it shows in the quality of our people.

Does Morgan Meighen & Associates use model portfolios for groups of clients or will my portfolio be created to meet my individual objectives?
We do not use model portfolios for our separately managed accounts. Client portfolios are unique and are designed to meet individual objectives. Once the investment parameters have been established, we will do everything possible to ensure client goals are achieved.

Will I be limited to the company's products?
One of the advantages of dealing with a fully independent investment firm such as Morgan Meighen & Associates is that we are objective in our choice of investments for our clients. There are no corporate obligations to sell in-house products. We offer independent and unbiased investment management solutions.

From what provinces does Morgan Meighen & Associates accept clients?
Morgan Meighen is registered with the provincial securities commissions to accept clients from the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. 

How safe are my investments?
Client assets are held at National Bank Independent Network Inc. (NBIN), Morgan Meighen & Associates’ custodian.  NBIN, a wholly owned subsidiary of National Bank Financial Inc., is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (“IIROC”) whose membership dictates mandatory participation in the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (“CIFP). CIFP was created to protect client’s cash and securities, if a member institution became insolvent.  A client's individual protection will depend on their aggregate balances held by that institution.

To learn more about CIPF, visit CIPF’s website at

How do I find out more?
We would be pleased to send you a complete introductory package for the Private Wealth Management services at Morgan Meighen & Associates titled “The Logical Next Step”. Please click on the following link to provide your contact information and address particulars. (Request: The Logical Next Step).