Who We Are

4 Pillars Supporting Your Success:

At Morgan Meighen & Associates we do one thing above any other - manage money - and we do it well. Through more than a half a century, focus on our clients' interests and aspirations has rested firmly on these four pillars:

Absolute Integrity

In a financial world of marketing-speak, empty gimmicks, expedient promises and short-term thinking, our record and reputation have stood the test of time. We never compromise our integrity, objectivity or independence.

Proven Experience

Whether it’s the decades of experience that our knowledgeable team brings or the track record of our proven investment vehicles – including some of the longest-standing closed-end funds in North America – our disciplined wealth-building insight is highly respected.

Focus on Risk-Adjusted Returns

Our singular aim is to grow and preserve our clients’ capital. We achieve this with focussed discipline and in-depth research of a diverse group of public companies, special situations and overlooked opportunities, evaluating them through our rigorous and time-tested criteria.

Exceptional Client Service

Whether an individual, corporation, trust, estate or foundation, each of our clients benefits from a one-on-one relationship with a dedicated portfolio manager – the individual in whom they confide is the same person who manages their money.

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