Our Investment Approach

Traditional Values. Time-Proven Approach.

Because we’re singularly focussed on our clients’ best interests, when we invest on their behalf, it’s for one reason: we are confident it’s an appropriate opportunity for their portfolio.

We start by getting to know each company which could be a potential investment for our clients, researching it from the ground up and top down. We rely heavily on our experience and objectivity to consider its merits, avoiding labels like ‘value’ or ‘growth’ in favour of a flexible evaluation of the company’s performance no matter the prevailing market conditions.

Above all, we focus on preserving our clients’ capital and exploring new opportunities, but we’re also always vigilant to seek balance, consider contrarian points of view and mitigate risk. We do all this through:

  • Diversification across asset classes, geography, industry and individual securities, depending on the portfolio’s objectives;

  • Continuous monitoring of holdings, including meetings with company management teams;

  • Scrutinizing global, regional and local research; and

  • Ongoing team meetings to review and evaluate evolving investment strategies.