Private Wealth Management

Customized Investments Expertly and Personally Managed.

Investment strategy doesn’t need to be complicated or costly.  It should be simply disciplined, grounded and personalized to the individual’s needs.

Morgan Meighen has been prudently managing client assets for over 60 years, consistently achieving solid results in a diverse and ever changing marketplace.  Our investment process utilizes a combination of top-down analysis to identify areas of opportunity by geographic region and industry sector and bottom-up, fundamental analysis to identify individual securities.

We are research driven and as an independent investment manager, we conduct our own rigorous analysis of companies. Our internal research capabilities are complemented by reports and studies compiled by financial research firms from around the world.

Our portfolio management team brings many years of investment management experience across all asset categories and geographic regions. Each of our portfolio managers has a long and proven track record, and each brings a unique perspective to our investment team.

Investment Process
  • Determining an Investment Profile
  • Customizing an Investment Strategy
  • Building and Monitoring the Portfolio
Investment Options
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Pooled Funds