Our Investment Process

Tailor-Made, Time-Tested.

Morgan Meighen delivers the benefit of personalized portfolio management and the highest standard of client service from our experienced in-house team. Morgan Meighen provides the ultimate in investment management experience which includes:

Our Process:
Determining an Investment Profile

We begin by evaluating a client’s needs for capital preservation, income, growth and liquidity. 

We measure time horizons, tolerance for risk, tax considerations and rate of return goals. When appropriate, we consult with other advisors such as lawyers and accountants to build a comprehensive, well-considered profile.

Customizing an Investment Strategy

With an accurate profile, we can begin to build a guiding investment policy statement -- a strategic mix of investments by asset class and geography, with room to manoeuvre in response to changing market conditions.

Building and Monitoring the Portfolio

With a customized strategy in hand, we structure an account with appropriate assets, then monitor and adjust those assets as needed.

All told, it’s a time-tested course that places the Morgan Meighen experience on an entirely higher level.