Pooled Funds

The Power of Diversification.

Pooled funds offer the benefits of a professionally managed, diversified and liquid portfolio, with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of investment opportunities and a high level of strategic flexibility. From among this family of funds, clients can benefit from a personally tailored, streamlined portfolio in a highly cost-effective way – all of which is offered at a low management fee of just 1%.

Morgan Meighen & Associates offers five pooled funds that can be acquired individually or in combination to match the client’s individual needs.

Morgan Meighen Income Pooled Fund

Aimed at generating consistent income with low volatility and a focus on preserving capital through investments in government and corporate debt securities, preferred shares and dividend-paying equities. The Portfolio Manager will manage risk through proven credit analysis and diversification among issuers by geography and industry. At the Portfolio Manager's discretion, the Fund may also hold cash.

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Morgan Meighen Growth Pooled Fund

Designed to achieve long-term capital appreciation through investments primarily in growing Canadian companies, with an emphasis on dividend income. Through diversification among business sectors and a focus on valuation, the Portfolio Manager will attempt to reduce risk while holding securities of some of Canada's leading growth opportunities. The Fund maintains the flexibility to invest a portion of the assets in attractive small capitalization stocks as well as other North American equities.

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Morgan Meighen Global Pooled Fund

Designed to provide capital growth through a diversified portfolio of growing international companies in developed and emerging markets, without a geographic or business sector concentration. The Fund may hold some cash, preferred securities, and small or middle capitalization stocks. The Fund will not be hedged for currencies, therefore currency will be a component of the investment decision. 

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Morgan Meighen Balanced Pooled Fund

Offers a combination of stability and capital growth with an allocation of investments in the Income, Growth and Global Pooled Funds, as well as cash, according to valuation, opportunity and assessment of risk. The Fund seeks the greatest risk-adjusted return while recognizing the desire for preservation of capital.

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Smedley Special Opportunities Fund

Designed to provide long-term capital growth with a portfolio of primarily small cap equity and equity-linked securities. In particular, the Portfolio Manager will invest in securities regarded as special opportunities by virtue of having special features or being strongly linked with special events, corporate or otherwise, or experiencing special situations or a change in an issuer’s business.

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